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Sample Email from Lead to Art Smart Team

Dear Art Smart Volunteers,


We are one week away from our next Art Smart Lesson on November 18th from 12:00-1:30. We will be doing Two Cats by Franz Marc. Attached is link to the lesson plan. The focus of this lesson is on geometric shapes, composition and primary colors. In preparation, we need to cut out geometric shapes of various sizes in primary colors (circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.) The kids will then assemble & glue them on paper as they wish, to create an animal of their choosing. We will read the book, Look, Look, Look to intro the lesson. We also need a short blurb for the newsletter.

Volunteer Jobs Needed:

Materials can be had from the art room & prep done at home if more convenient. Shapes need to be various sizes using red, yellow, blue & black construction paper – enough for the whole class to use.

  1. Cut out CIRCLES

  2. Cut out SQUARES

  3. Cut out RECTANGLES

  4. Cut out TRIANGLES

  5. Write a newsletter blurb on the upcoming lesson on Franz Marc and Two Cats. Just a paragraph on who he is, the painting Two Cats, what we will do and the main concepts (geometric shapes, animals, primary colors and composition).

 6.  Set up before class arrives – day of:

  • Move tables into "U" shape with 24 chairs, mostly around outer edge

  • Put on front table, 24 each: Construction paper, glue sticks, sharp pencils w/ erasers, scissors

7. Post-class​

  • Remove art from the drying rack

  • Hang artwork on the bulletin board

Please email me to confirm your availability on the 18th and let me know what job(s) above you are willing to own.

Thanks for all that you do!


Lead Docent 

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