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Volunteer Expectations

Communicate, Prepare, Show Up and Have FUN!

●    Bring your positivity, patience, teamwork, excitement and creativity.

●    Communication is key.

        ➢ Provide email and cell # for planning & collaboration purposes.

        ➢ Communicate your availability with your teacher and lead/manager.

             Share relevant info (ex: travel, due date, etc.)

        ➢ Stick to your commitment. They’re counting on you.

                 o   If you must cancel on a commitment, give as much notice as possible

                      so that the others can adjust accordingly.

●     All projects must be practiced by volunteers beforehand (lead especially).

        Have your own kids try it out!

  • School-wide Art Room Calendar for the year (subject to change if needed). Volunteers ensure dates are on their personal calendars as well, to avoid volunteer no shows/cancellations. Communicate foreseen conflicts as soon as they are known.

●     If using Rotating Leads, please assign leads in advance for each Art Smart date.

●     Project choice lies in the hands of the lead docent, but collaboration is always            encouraged.

●     Materials verified & prepared in time for each lesson (delegate: ask all docents            for help).

●     Leave the room as clean or cleaner than when you left it. We are all busy.

       We are all volunteers.

●     Remove finished projects from the art room and put on bulletin board within 3          days.

●     Bulletin Board decorated. Feel free to get creative with each lesson or put                    something up that can last the year. Should include the “Art Smart” name, Lead          Docent & Volunteer Names, Grade & Teacher. Method for repeat hanging                    recommended.

  • Keep in mind each student will need to have art represented on Art Night.  There are many methods to selecting the art.  Volunteers may choose one project for the entire class, or allow students to pick, or align monthly lesson with Art Night etc.  Creating Art Portfolios are optional.

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