Volunteer Expectations

Communicate, Prepare, Show Up and Have FUN!

●    Bring your positivity, patience, teamwork, excitement and creativity.

●    Communication is key.

        ➢ Provide email and cell # for planning & collaboration purposes.

        ➢ Communicate your availability with your teacher and lead/manager ASAP so                they can schedule Art Smart and as flexible as possible. Share relevant info

             (ex: travel, due date, etc.)

        ➢ Stick to your commitment. They’re counting on you.

                 o   If you must cancel on a commitment, give as much notice as possible

                      so that the others can adjust accordingly.

●     All projects must be practiced by volunteers beforehand (lead especially).

        Have your own kids try it out!

●     LEAD or MANAGER: Meet with your classroom teacher early-mid Sept. to                      determine Art Smart dates & times for the year. Come prepared with your                    calendar and the list of all volunteer availabilities.

●     Agreed upon schedule put on school-wide Art Room Calendar for the year                  (subject to change if needed). Volunteers ensure dates are on their personal                calendars as well, to avoid volunteer no shows/cancellations. Communicate                foreseen conflicts as soon as they are known.

●     If using Rotating Leads, please assign leads in advance for each Art Smart date.

●     Project choice lies in the hands of the lead docent, but collaboration is always            encouraged.

●     Materials verified & prepared in time for each lesson (delegate: ask all docents            for help).

●     Leave the room as clean or cleaner than when you left it. We are all busy.

       We are all volunteers.

●     Remove finished projects from the art room and put on bulletin board within 3          days.

●     Do not hand back student projects until after Art Night. (Decide where they will           be stored with teacher beforehand.)

●     Bulletin Board decorated. Feel free to get creative with each lesson or put                    something up that can last the year. Should include the “Art Smart” name, Lead          Docent & Volunteer Names, Grade & Teacher. Method for repeat hanging                    recommended.