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Like Art?

Want to Contribute to Your School?


Art Smart is a Rosa Parks PTSA sponsored program which exposes our

students to various artists, styles, techniques, and art movements. This program

provides a creative opportunity for our students to make their own works of art

inspired by those lessons.

Each month a group of parent volunteers lead a prepared art lesson. You won’t be alone and the curriculum already exists! It is not necessary to have any art skills and the basic training needed for a successful year will be provided.
Art Smart volunteers will be invited to a Fall Orientation where the details of the program will be given, tips will be shared and the excitement gets generated!
The total time commitment is only 2-3 hours per month for your child’s class.

Sign up with your classroom teacher to participate

in this fun, educational and important program!

 Apply for LWSD Volunteer Approval Here

If you have any questions, please email us at:



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