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How to Prepare for Art Smart

In September:

  • Ensure you have applied for Volunteer Approval through the LWSD website. Click on GET INVOLVED.

  • Familiarize yourself with all of the materials, resources and grade-appropriate lessons provided on our website:

  • Prepare your Art Smart Bulletin Board (2 volunteers recommended). The teacher can tell you where it’s located.  

  • Boards should include Teacher, Grade & Docent Names as well as the Art Smart sign so that parents can see the benefits of their PTSA dollars and volunteer efforts.

  • Bulletin Board supplies are in the art room: paper rolls for backing, borders, twine, ribbon, staplers, clips, push pins, etc.


One to Two Weeks Ahead of the Lesson:

  • Lead decides on a lesson and familiarizes him/herself with all of the relevant materials. (Lessons & materials on our website:

  • Lead and any other volunteers practice the lesson. This can be done individually or as a group to talk about / decide how to run the lesson. Have your own kids try it. (Key to success!)

  • Lead or Manager emails all volunteers and cc the teacher. (Sample email is available on the website) Include:​

    • Date and time and ask for confirmation of volunteer availability.

    • Identify the artist/artwork/technique being presented. (Provide links or attachments when appropriate)

    • Identify the lesson/ art project and highlight the main objectives (1-3 main objectives).

    • Roles and expectations, including any needed prep. What do you need set up & where/how do you want it?

    • Newsletter Blurb – to be submitted to teacher in order to inform parents. Can delegate this task.


Day Before the Lesson:

  • Check that all materials are present​

    • Supplies

    • Samples

    • Any prepared items (cut paper, templates, etc.)

    • Put any electronic materials you intend to use on a USB drive, saved as a PDF and bring it to the lesson.

Day of the Lesson – Prep:

  • Volunteers arrive 15+ minutes early.

  • Set up technology FIRST (USB drive for use with the Smartboard).

  • Set up any visuals that you intend to show – hard copy or electronic.

  • Set up tables and chairs.

  • Get out all materials, organized and ready to pass out at the appropriate time. Recommendation: Hold materials at the back of the room until you are ready for students to use them (post instruction). Parsing out materials gives you more control over pace. If they have the materials they will want to use them – even if you are still talking.

  • Put out name tags where you want children to sit. Great classroom management tool! Keep those who tend to be off task apart or near you as well as those who may need extra help. Use seating arrangements thoughtfully to make your job easier.


Day of the Lesson – Clean Up:

  • Thoroughly clean all materials (especially brushes) and return them to their proper location.

  • Thoroughly clean tables and sweep the floor.


Post Lesson (Within 3 Days):

  • Remove all artwork from the drying racks and post on your Art Smart Bulletin Board.

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