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Table Top Name Tags!

Use these tabletop name tags to learn your students’ names from the beginning! 

They are also a great classroom management tool. 


Place them how you like to put productive pairs together and separate kids that don’t work well together.

How to:

  • Obtain a class list from your classroom teacher.

  • Fill in their names in the center of each page, 1 per page, replacing where it currently says “First Name”.

  • Fill out their grade and classroom teacher in the bottom third of each page. (Helpful for keeping track, esp. if lost.)

  • Ask the classroom teacher to print out the tabletop name tags and have each student bring their name tag with them for the first class.

  • Ask each student to fold their name tag on the lines, resulting in a long, pyramid shape.

  • Have each student display their name tag on the table in front of them each class.

  • Collect the name tags at the end of each succeeding class, unfolding them so they lay flat, and store in their teacher’s hanging Art Smart folder in the first cabinet.

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